Update for the New Year

Hello and welcome to my website! A quick update of everything that has been going on recently. Touring this past fall with performances as Frederic in “Pirates of Penzance” with NYGASP and as John Handley in “All Hands on Deck” couldn’t have gone better. I learned a great deal from both experiences and reviews were positive across the board. This spring, I will be taking a year off from the Lotte Lenya Competition, but I’m happy that the previous two years ended with me reaching the finals. That being said, I’m eligible until I’m 32 years old, so I’ll be back!

Audition season is in full swing right now and my agent, Irene Cabrera at DDO, has worked hard to get me in front of some of the biggest names in the industry. Just last week I had a great callback for the Raoul cover in the “Phantom of the Opera” tour and on Broadway. It was an incredible experience. I was coached extensively by the creative team and I know it is only a matter of time until I reach my goal.

But there is always room for improvement. This week I am starting a Musical Theatre Scene Study class with the Jen Waldman Studio. I hope to improve all aspects of my performance through the course, and from what I have heard through my agent and close friends, I will do just that under Jen’s guidance. I am also beginning my study of voice-over work, which could lead to some very exciting opportunities in a field that has always interested me. I’ll let you know how it all goes!

That’s it for now, but please check back in soon to see which projects I will be working on next! And thank you again for your ongoing support and encouragement. I hope to perform in a city near you soon!

Warm regards,

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